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Instructions on how to configure your email account settings in Microsoft Outlook.

Apple Email Setup

Instructions on how to configure your email account settings on your Apple device.

Android Email Setup

Instructions on how to configure your email account settings on your Android device


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Upgrade your Windows 2008 Servers and Windows 7 Computers by January 2020
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Professional Services

We provide free consultations...
This will allow us to review your devices and network structure, to provide recommendations and make your system more efficient.

What can we do for you?

  • Server Maintenance and Repair

    How will your business run when your server is down? We has server monitoring services that check the server's performance, the server's backups and available security patches to keep your system up and running... prevent a server crash!


    Server Solutions

    We are a Microsoft Partner and work with multiple vendors to ensure you best the best solution for your business.

    • New installations, upgrades and updates for Microsoft Windows Servers.
    • Setup, configuration and maintenancefor Microsoft Exchange Servers.
    • Setup and configuration of internal and external IIS Windows Servers.
    • Setup and configuration of Remote Desktop Terminal Servers
    • Active Directory and Security for servers and workstations.
    • Server integrations with Barracuda Networks and Symantec Backup Exec.
    • Annual, semiannual, and weekly maintenance contracts available.

  • Computer Maintenance and Repair

    Let us help get your computer running like new again.


    Computer Maintenance and Repair Solutions

    • Reinstallation of the Windows operating system without losing your data.
    • Migrate data from your old computer into your new computer.
    • Transfer your existing Windows system onto a newer, faster hard disk (*Best Upgrade*).
    • Perform maintenance on the system eliminating unnecessary startup programs and services.
    • Data recovery for damaged or broken hard drives.

  • Updates and Support

    Updates to your operating system, help keep your computer safe from viruses and running without issues.


    Updates and Support Solutions

    • Updates and Service Pack Management for your servers and computers.
    • Ensure that device drivers are running the latest drivers and firmware versions.
    • Schedule your updates when your computers are not is use.
    • We have maintenance plans that monitor your system for necessary updates.

  • Data Recovery Solutions

    Recover your personal data from a computer or laptop, or your business data from your server RAID Array.
    We use software recovery tools and our Data Recovery Partner channel to get your data back online.


    Data Recovery Services

    • Personal Computer Hard Disk Recovery.
    • Personal Laptop Hard Disk Recovery.
    • Server RAID Array Data Recovery (Multiple Hard Disks).
    • Microsoft Windows Server Recovery.
    • Microsoft Exchange Server Database Recovery.

  • Virus and Spyware Removal

    Has a virus shut your system down? Sometimes you don't even know you have a virus until it compromises your data!


    Virus and Spyware Removal Solutions

    Most viruses and spyware come into your system through emails and browsing on the internet. The most dangerous viruses will attack your data, and in most cases, your data cannot be accessed afterwards.

    • Removal services for viruses running computers and servers.
    • Virus decryption services for the aggressive Crypto Locker virus.
    • Setup and configuration of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.
    • Virus and spyware prevention services.

  • Local and Remote Backup Systems

    The most dangerous and common mistake... review your system and your backups... protect your critical data!
    Failure to consistently backup, and protect important information can expose and put the business at risk.


    Backup Solutions

    Do you need a new backup solution, or just need to update or upgrade the storage for an existing backup system? We provide customized backup solutions that give you a complete backup of your data... not just your server data, but your workstation data as well.

    • Backup to a Cloud Service, or backup to your external Backup FTP Server.
    • Customized backup scripts for keeping important data safe on the server.
    • Data backup for each user on a network.
    • Custom hot-swappable backup systems.
    • Automated backup software for data transfer onto tapes, or hard drives.
    • Implementation of redundant servers that backup daily, even offsite!
    • Advice on what backup systems would suit a company best.
    • Regular monitoring backup systems to assure data backups are preserved.
    • Backup System Alerts; offering notifications for backup management.
    • System Restore Point Management; so business can resume immediately.
    • Symantec Backup Exec and Synology Backup Solutions.

  • Network Cabling and Wiring

    A fast and secure network will help you be more productive while keeping you in touch with the rest of the world. Don’t get left in the dust when it comes to today’s technology. Let us help you organize your network infrastructure, and give you the peace of mind that comes with a safe and secure network environment.


    Network Cabling and Wiring

    • Installation and configuration of all network types (ad-hoc, infrastructure, etc.).
    • Network wiring for a new building, or an upgrade for existing lines.
    • Installation of patch panels, and switches.
    • Experience with peer-to-peer, client-server, and mainframe environments.
    • Mapped drives to any shared location for quick access to network data.
    • Consultation to determine network needs; such as Exchange or Lotus.
    • Providing access to your network on the road via remote desktop or VPN.
    • Restricting access for certain user or to certain locations on a network.
    • Exchange over the web; so that your business emails follow you anywhere.
    • Configuration of email for smart phones such as Androids and iPhones.
    • Implementation of network firewalls, and watch guard devices.

  • VOIP Telephone Systems

    Are you ready to upgrade you current phone system, but don't know which one to purchase? We offer many solutions, from many providers, to get the one that fits your business right.


    Telephone Solutions

    We offer telephone systems that support both analog and VoIP services... that means you can adapt new technology all at once, or build up gradually. Get online with WINDSTREAM... offering VoIP, Virtual PBX, Mobility Solutions, and many other great services to keep your business running.

    • Analog cable wiring for new and existing phone systems.
    • ALLWORX maintenance and support for both servers and phones.
    • WINDSTREAM Data, Voice, Network & Cloud representative.
    • Remote connectivity to your phone system using your computer or mobile device.

  • Surveillance Systems

    Surveillance cameras are a great way to provide security for your home or business.
    Remotely access your DVR security system and cameras from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.


    Surveillance System Solutions

    If you already have an older DVR system and cameras, you only need to upgrade your DVR system, to take advantage of viewing your cameras remotely.

    • We maintain new and existing DVR systems and cameras.
    • We replace broken or washed out surveillance cameras.
    • We can wire and add new cameras to your existing camera system.
    • Remotely view your cameras using your computer or mobile device.

  • Programming and Development

    Can find the right program for your business, or do you need a little more information from the program you currently use?


    Programming and Development Solutions

    Do you sell medical equipment and services, coordinate construction projects, or sell on the seafood market? We have developed programs from scratch and customized existing systems, for many different industries.

    • Custom built programs for Visual FoxPro.
    • Custom built programs for Visual Basic.
    • Integrate your business onto your website through ODBC.
    • Export your data into Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.

  • Intuit QuickBooks

    Need assistance or training in your new QuickBooks system?
    We work with QuickBooks Professional, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise editions.


    Intuit QuickBooks Solutions

    Let us help you move you into QuickBooks. We can export your current data and get it imported into QuickBooks to get you running.

    • New installations for both servers and workstations.
    • Assist with importing your data from your previous system.
    • Setup and configure new and existing company files on your network.
    • Setup and configure privileges for QuickBooks users.
    • Setup your customer accounts, vendor accounts and item lists.
    • Setup your accounting structure for your accounting reports.
    • Get your bank accounts online with QuickBooks bank feeds for reconciliation.

  • Sage ACCPAC Pro Series

    We have been customizing this system, from back when it was known as SBT Pro Series.
    Modifying reports and creating new programs is what we do.


    Sage ACCPAC Pro Series Solutions

    We can use your source code to make this your perfect accounting solution.

    • Create or modify reports in the Pro Series system.
    • Create internal or external programs that read and write to your existing data.
    • Update or change your customer, item and or vendor data.
    • Setup the ACCPAC Pro Series program for remote access.
    • Get your inventory data from the ACCPAC Pro Series system on your website.
    • If you own your source, then we could customize almost everything.